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Empowering real estate Investors to maximize their sales and acquisitions with strategic guidance and unparalleled market insights. Watch the Investor-review video below to learn more!

Watch this Client-review video with real Investors. They sold this investment property and did a 1031 tax exchange to acquire more investments!

Sell your Home for MORE! Before and After Home Renovation in Westwood, CA. We Front the Costs!


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This Investor liquidated his Beverly Hills investment(s). Watch the video below.

SOLD $1,370,000! 2485 Benedict Canyon Dr Beverly Hills CA 90210

Watch this 1-mintue video to see the before-and-after results of our Compass Concierge program for this Benedict Canyon home in Beverly Hills.

How to Unlock the Potential of Your Property to Sell for More! Your Real Estate Concierge Team.

About Conor Sutton

As a seasoned real estate agent with over two decades of experience, I have had the privilege of assisting countless investors in their pursuit of profitable property sales and acquisitions. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I share with you the numerous ways in which a skilled real estate agent can truly be the catalyst for your success.

In the dynamic world of real estate investment, time is of the essence. With an extensive network and market expertise, I can quickly identify prime opportunities that align with your investment goals. Whether you’re seeking residential, commercial, or mixed-use properties, I possess an intimate understanding of local market trends, emerging neighborhoods, and high-growth areas. Together, we can strategically evaluate properties based on potential returns, rental yield, and future appreciation, ensuring your investments maximize profitability.

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Is Now A Good Time To Sell My Investment Properties?

Seize the Moment: Capitalize on the Current Market to Maximize Profits and Enriching Life Experiences. With the real estate market experiencing a surge in demand and a shortage of inventory, now is the perfect time to consider selling your investment properties. By liquidating some or all of your assets, you can unlock substantial profits and capitalize on the high market demand. According to recent data, property prices have been steady in greater Los Angeles, presenting an opportune moment to cash in and secure impressive returns on your investments. Don’t miss out on the chance to optimize your portfolio and secure your financial future. Also, question the notion of amassing wealth solely for the sake of accumulation. Instead, strategically allocate resources to enhance your overall life experiences. By selling your investment properties at the right time, you can seize the opportunity to maximize your profits and redirect these newfound resources towards transformative life events such as travel, education, or philanthropy. By aligning your financial decisions with your personal aspirations, you can create a richer and more fulfilling life for yourself and your family by utilizing your most valuable asset — time.

Diversification Is Key: Reallocate Resources for a Well-Balanced Investment Strategy. As an astute investor, it’s essential to maintain a diversified investment portfolio to mitigate risk and maximize long-term gains. By selling some of your investment properties, you can strategically reallocate your resources into other asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, or alternative investments. This approach ensures a well-balanced investment strategy that safeguards your wealth against market fluctuations. With expert guidance, you can identify promising investment avenues and harness their potential to generate sustainable returns. Take this opportunity to explore new horizons and diversify your investment holdings.

Future Market Predictions: Navigating Potential Challenges and Seizing New Opportunities. Generally speaking, the current market is unpredictable and it’s crucial to consider the potential challenges that lie ahead. Economic forecasts suggest that interest rates may rise in the near future, which could impact mortgage affordability and dampen buyer demand. By selling your investment properties now, you can avoid potential risks associated with a changing interest rate environment. Additionally, shifting market dynamics offer new opportunities to capitalize on emerging trends. For instance, with the rise of remote work, investing in properties conducive to the growing demand for home offices or suburban living could yield attractive returns. By staying ahead of the curve and leveraging expert insights, you can make informed decisions that position you for success in the evolving market landscape.

Freeing Up Time to Live a Better Life: In the pursuit of wealth accumulation, it is all too easy to neglect the precious commodity of time. Be the change you want to see in your life and advocate for actively creating unforgettable experiences throughout life’s journey. By selling some of your investment properties, you can free up valuable time and redirect your focus towards what truly matters: quality time with loved ones, pursuing personal passions, and creating cherished memories. Remember, time is an irreplaceable asset that appreciates only when well-invested.

Harnessing the Power of the 1031 Tax Exchange: The 1031 tax exchange provision offers an enticing opportunity for real estate investors seeking to maximize profits while deferring capital gains tax. Here’s why it should be on your radar:

Tax Deferral: By selling your investment property and utilizing a 1031 exchange, you can defer the payment of capital gains tax, allowing you to reinvest the full proceeds into a like-kind property. This mechanism effectively enhances your purchasing power and accelerates wealth accumulation.

Portfolio Optimization: The 1031 tax exchange grants you the freedom to transition your investments into properties that align better with your evolving investment goals. You can strategically reposition your portfolio, taking advantage of market trends and maximizing the potential for long-term growth.


HOW MUCH IS MY PROPERTY WORTH? (Serious Inquiries Only Please)
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Investor Acquisitions

When it comes to acquisitions, I understand the art of negotiation. Leveraging my deep industry connections and comprehensive knowledge, I will skillfully negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible purchase price, terms, and conditions. My goal is to protect your interests and ensure a seamless transaction, from conducting thorough due diligence to coordinating inspections, appraisals, and financing arrangements. By minimizing risks and providing sound guidance, I aim to help you make informed investment decisions that yield long-term rewards.

But my role as a real estate agent extends far beyond mere transactions. I am committed to building lasting relationships with my investors, acting as a trusted advisor throughout your journey. From initial consultations to ongoing support, I offer personalized assistance tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, I am here to guide and empower you with valuable insights and market analysis. With my finger on the pulse of the real estate landscape, I can alert you to emerging opportunities, regulatory changes, and market shifts, enabling you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

What is Compass Concierge? Sell Your Home For More.

Investment Strategy

I recognize the importance of a comprehensive investment strategy. Beyond property sales and acquisitions, I can connect you with a network of trusted professionals, including property managers, contractors, and legal experts. By assembling a skilled team, we can optimize property performance, enhance asset value, and ensure a seamless investment experience.

As a real estate agent with an unwavering commitment to your success, I am equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources to be your partner in achieving your investment goals. Let me be the bridge that connects you to lucrative opportunities, guiding you through the intricate world of real estate investment with confidence and expertise. Together, we can transform your dreams into a lucrative reality. Contact me today, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.


HOW MUCH IS MY PROPERTY WORTH? (Serious Inquiries Only Please)
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